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Scr888 is an online gambling casino company based in Malaysia, a country that is known for its elite casinos. Unlike its land-based competitors, SCR888(now rebranded to 918kiss) offers a comfortable and smooth application process, made to satisfy those players who like the convenience of playing within their own environment, with a quickly accessible leisure station. SCR888 offers a selection of games that are deemed the most popular amongst players, while also maintaining a variety of themes to satisfy most people’s entertainment requirements in this industry. The free credit bonuses are a great reward for both an existing client or someone who has just joined the casino club. For the new players, a choice of test time is offered, for which you contact an agent, who will then create a test account that has no limits on the free credit. This free credit can only be used in the game itself and can’t be withdrawn.  However, it is a fantastic opportunity to get to know this online casino and find your own cash winning scheme. If scr888 register free credit for a test run, is of interest to you, then you will certainly want to know about the registration process.

As previously mentioned; before taking any action you have to contact an agent who will then make sure to deal with the technical side of things. One of the approved agents is 7evelbet1, known as their first and trustworthy agent site.

Aside from their 24-hour Live Chat and 918kiss register, it holds plenty of information that you will need to understand in order to appreciate what is in store for you.

Here is what you need to do for the registration:

  1. Go to the 7elevenbet homepage and click on “Register”.
Register SCR888

2. Once redirected, fill out the form with the requested information.

3. Click on “Submit”.

4. Wait for the confirmation on your e-mail.

5. Contact the Live Customer Support for any questions.

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  1. Paul

    Slot machines, as well as table-top games, work flawlessly. It doesn’t crash. Playing with a dealer has a great picture and makes you feel present in the casino, due to the deep sound and high-resolution cameras. Mailing is always useful and never gets into spam. You can also subscribe to the news via SMS informing. The site is seamless and convenient to register. The transition between games and access to the main page is always easy to find. The return of the slots is high and if you gamble reasonably (aimed at taking what you’re likely to win), then you can snatch a great winning. I didn’t notice any drawbacks.

  2. Mohamed

    My review of 918kiss casino concerns the quality of technical support. My provider constantly blocked access to any online casino and I did not think that anything would help me. I play only through mirrors because my tablet isn’t able to install extensions and even more programmes. There is always up-to-date information on new links to enter the portal. Moreover, the transition occurs automatically and there have never been any problems with the lock. In addition, I note a large selection of slots and easy navigation. There are a lot of slot machines, but it is very easy to find the right one. At the same time, they are selected in such a way that you can find games with low volatility and high of the same theme. It’s very nice.

  3. adam

    Reviews often regard games with real dealers. This is quite a sore subject because the thing is very necessary, but not everyone knows how to adapt to it. The casino administrators have done everything possible to make gamblers feel as comfortable as possible. All types of games are supported by several tables with different numbers of participants and a large difference in the size of the bet. In most games, you can communicate with other players at the table which is very convenient. I made a couple of friends that way. The dealers work professionally. Their actions are completely transparent and do not cause doubts in honesty. Recommend!

  4. Haziq

    Real players have long been engaged in this casino. Here you can always find interesting games. Slots with Jack are highlighted with a special field, where the amount of possible winnings is immediately displayed. The welcome register bonus policy allows you to get 200 free spins from the very first deposit and win them back in a few days. The money is withdrawn quickly. There are several withdrawal methods. Among them, you can find both e-wallets and bank accounts. The drawback is the requirement of submitting the scans of your passport. You just won’t be able to make a withdrawal. They fear to deal with the minor. I got stuck first as I ignored it at first. But now everything’s ok and I don’t have any problems. I withdraw in Euros according to a profitable rate.

  5. Aqil

    918kiss is a great casino that demonstrates an honest policy towards gamblers. Regular tournaments and unusual games are popular. Despite the fact that this venture is quite young, the company impresses with the forethought of each moment. If you fully immerse in the process of gambling, then you won’t be fascinated by other casinos. The bonus policy is simple and transparent and free spins are easy to get from almost every deposit. Slots are presented both in demo mode and in the format of playing for real money. And you can switch from the demo to the real game instantly.

  6. Umar

    Being accompanied is always better than being alone, so I often spend time playing table-top games in your gambling club. If the card does not go, then I do the “go down”, choose a slot machine and start spinning the reels. I went only twice in red during the whole period that I played here. At the same time, I always made a return on cashback, so it’s not shameful to lose. Technical support at scr888 is round-the-clock and provides up-to-date mirrors. I faced blocking only once here, six months ago, but the problem was solved quite quickly. As far as I remember, 30 minutes later I was back in the game.

  7. Aryan

    I don’t play for real money. Basically, I go to online gambling platforms just to relieve stress and spin the drums for interest. Therefore, my view of the casino review may differ from most. I choose different slots according to the return coefficient, and sometimes I go to slot machines with a jackpot. I don’t notice much difference in them. Sometimes I terribly went into the red, sometimes I gain profit. I’ve never played with real dealers, though observed it as a spectator. It’s pretty exciting. I recommend this for everyone who wonders how to play just for fun. To the rest of the audience, I can say nothing, because I didn’t play for real money and don’t want to deceive you.

  8. Khalish

    First I want to talk about a positive experience. My register was only a week ago, but I managed to withdraw $600 in 4 days. I earned all of the sums through free spins which casino had given me as a gift. As to the overall experience, undoubtedly, the advantages of this platform are the perfect navigation on the portal, constantly operating mirrors, high connection speed and high resolution. I play on the phone, and, by the way, I lost connection when scrolling a few times, but the game stopped for a moment and then resumed immediately after my return.

  9. Amar

    Experienced players may not notice such a disadvantage as the opportunity to start the game without a deposit, though it is a sore subject for beginners. It looks like all the comments on different forums are written by those who have gained expertise in gambling. It’s rather difficult for others. I used to play the free versions at scr888 seeing that I couldn’t build up a successful strategy and always failed. When I first deposited, I decided to spend the whole amount on games with live dealers because this method involves not only luck but also a tactical vision. In the end, such occupation turned out to be quite absorbing and now I play only table-top games.

  10. Irfan

    918kiss is an online casino which is aimed at delivering benefits to players. Many people having a fire in their belly spend more than is needed. You free to set the maximum time for a game session, the maximum sum of loss as well as the maximum sum of the deposit. I don’t think that it’s profitable from the financial standpoint to the casino, though it wins over many customers like me. Among the games, most slots have an average variance. Themes are the most miscellaneous as well as the principles of operation. Here on the website, you can find both classics and 3D slots about movies. Withdrawal is processed fast. The multi-level system allows you to receive more lucrative bonuses and winnings all the time as you move on to the next level.

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