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How to Play?

SCR888, now known as 918KISS website, is considered as one of the best online gambling platforms in the casino world. It provides players with the choice of a wide selection of many interesting games such as – “Safari heat”, “Great Blue” and “Royal Ace Casino”. There are also famous classic slot machine games and online betting, for those who love to dare.  From the popular underground casinos, to the online casino variety, Asia remains the hotspot for those who are ready to play, knowing that the odds are in their favour. Malaysian online gambling sites never cease to impress with the promos and bonuses no matter the size of the stakes and deposits. SCR888 casino games concept brings out the most beautiful details from their culture as well as a wide array on any theme a keen player could wish to explore.     

Rebranding SCR888 to 918KISS

Focusing on the client’s needs for maximum comfort, the very well-known SCR888 website has been rebranding to 918KISS. It brings a fresh layout, and expands the already known features to something even more exciting, also ensuring security via any platform of your choice.  Gambling in Malaysia has never been so gripping, for both the newbies and the experienced, so take a chance in the SCR888 casino.

SCR888 (918KISS) download APK (Android)

As mentioned previously, the 918kiss website is designed just with your needs in mind. Therefore, you don’t need to remain in one place to have fun with the slot machine games. Gambling in this Malaysian online casino also has its perks. You can download the application to use on your Android phone. This means that wherever you go and wish to play, great entertainment is just a click away. Kiss918 APK is a reliable and secure platform. It runs without constant lags, unlike many other casino online applications, and is deliberatively constructed for the user to have a full casino experience. 

  1. Use your favourite mobile browser to go to either of the given links below:
  2. Pick the version for Android:
  3. Choose the option “Install” in the pop-up window:
  4. Once the installation is complete, press “Open” to start the SCR888 APK:
  5. After the download is successful you can enter your SCR888 casino ID and password in the appropriate fields:

SCR888 for iPhone (iOS)

918kiss Malaysia isn’t just limited to the Android smartphone, so the iPhone users can also join the fun by downloading the application per similar instructions and start rolling in that cash. Go and get that kiss918 download APK with just a few steps and no hassle.

Here is the following guide for the iOs:

  1. Using the “Safari” browser, type in and go to either of the given links below:

  2. Pick the version for iOS:
  3. Choose the option “Install” in the pop-up window:
  4. After the installation of the SCR888 application, it will be seen on the phone’s menu:
  5. After clicking on the SCR888 icon, a pop-up window will request for your permission to open the application. Pick the option to “Cancel”:
  6. To allow the SCR888 APK to run, you will need to open your Iphone’s settings, to change the permission:
  7. In the “Settings” menu you will have to select “General”:
  8. Pick the “Device Management” option:
  9. You will need to select “All continental trading Sdn. Bhd.”:
  10. Select the “Trust All Continental Trading SDN. Bhd.”:
  11. After the selection, you will have to pick the “Trust” on the pop-up window and your downloading process will be successful:

SCR888 for PC

There is no need to sit in filled up casinos, with never-ending chatter and noise around, when you can participate in the same kind of gaming online. For your convenience, the 918 kiss PC and Mac download delivers just that; to enjoy the Malaysia slot games in your own environment. The emulator -NoxPlayer will provide the opportunity for you to play on your PC or Mac and it costs nothing. To proceed with the simple download and set up, ensure that your PC technical details, such as the memory capacity, will provide enough space and performance. 

Follow this SCR888 casino app PC/Mac downloading instruction:

    1. Get the provided NoxPlayer and download the version you need:
    2. After the download, open the emulator and click on the “Start” button:
    3. Pick the “Install” option and check the “Terms and conditions” field:
    4. One the installation is complete, open the browser in the NoxPlayer emulator:
    5. Download the SCR888 application that you can find on the provided link, inside the NoxPlayer –
    6. After the download of the application, press “Next”:
    7. Proceed to install it:
    8. After the installation is successful you can enter your SCR888 casino ID and password in the appropriate fields:

SCR888 (918KISS) login (kiosk)

To login into the 918kiss website is fairly simple, all you need is an ID and a password, given during the process of registration, in which you are guided with the help of an agent. Follow the instructions below for the login process:

      1. Go to 918kiss login page via this link
      2. If the link given above is down, try the alternative links:
      3. Enter your game ID and password in the relevant fields.
      4. You might encounter the following errors:
      5. After the “Login” the page could not load.
      6. You could be redirected to the Cloudflare error page.

If you fail to open any of the links listed above, wait until they are operational again.

Information about SCR888 (918KISS) register

To get all the benefits and immerse yourself in the gaming world, you first must register yourself as a player on the 918KISS website. The creation of the account is simple and the helpful customer service will be there to help you with any questions you might have about this process. Follow the registration instructions below:

    1. Go to SCR888 com website.
    2. Click on the “Register now” button on the top right corner of the page.
    3. After clicking the button, you will be redirected to the approved agent website
    4. In the registration window fill in the following fields:
      • Name.
      • Contact.
      • E-mail address.
      • Message.
    5. Once you have filled in the necessary window, make sure to check the “I’m not a robot” reCaptcha field.
    6. Click on the send button.
    7. For any questions click on the Customer Support button that will open a chat with an agent.


  1. Mohamed

    Among the huge number and variety of such establishments, I chose 918kiss due to its promising statistics and a wide variety of games, many promotions and tournaments. I play mostly at least, I’m not in a hurry to get huge winnings (bets start at $ 0.1), there is a minimum for withdrawal, as everywhere else. It can be withdrawn to various payment systems and can take up to 3 days in time. I didn’t win large sums only within $100, so I didn’t encounter any difficulties with payment, if you are lucky and raise a big jackpot, you will need to verify your identity and verify. Another of the little things for which the site was chosen is the mobile version, which is well designed and no worse than at the computer.

  2. Adam

    I chose for myself a “convenient” casino online and visit it every day, as I suffer from gambling. I don’t lose a lot of money, because I donate no more than $ 50 to the cashier, which is enough for a week for my favorite games in online casinos. And, accordingly, there were no big wins (due to low rates), but Jackpot did not visit me even once (and I really want to tear it at least once, not even very big). The meaning of visiting a casino online in my case is very simple: while the game is running in automatic mode, I login on other sites at that time. And the soundtrack in the online casino notifies me of the game progress and, if necessary, I go to the site. In general, I enjoy the game process for good, and I hope that luck will ever smile at me!

  3. Ahmad

    I would like to share such an online game on scr888. Immediately I would like to warn the game for those who have not the last money or a person with great luck. The game is naturally designed for your loss, 10 percent is what you can win. And so I’ll not share a big secret with you (maybe someone knows it). Here is the game “Roulette” here there is a red and black box, what’s the point, let’s put a bet of $ 10 on red, the roulette is spinning and 24 black, for example, we have lost, but we are not in a hurry to get upset. We are again betting on red but no longer $ 10 but twice as much, that is $ 20. Roulette spins and a red field falls out, we won $ 10 plus those $ 10 that we lost in the first bet. Now again, we put $ 10, you can get already on the black field. Thus, we constantly put on the same color and double, triple, and so on until we win, as we win, we again make a bet of $ 10. This is not a big secret. I wish those who will try to play, win, and who are not sure it is better not to start, as I wrote above, there are about 10 percent to win. Good luck to everyone!!!

  4. Rayyan

    You need to be able to always stop on time. The site is a fascinating world of excitement and adrenaline — the opportunity to catch luck by the tail. The beautiful design of the eyes rejoices, everything is as in the good old days until slot machines were banned. I agree, it’s not always possible to win, but there is a percentage of winning. Remember how you used to play, do not tear. The most important thing to remember is the probability of losing. Don’t be greedy, leave on time! A place for gambling people who are not afraid to try their luck. “Who does not play, does not win! For lovers of excitement like me, this is what you need! Great sound, even on android option. What else is needed, a gambler. Emotions, adrenaline, and winning, this is what an interested player will find for himself. I wish you good luck, may Fortune smile at you!

  5. Danish

    My friend told me how he made a lot easier and faster at the casino. He searches for free tournaments in online casinos and plays them, tournament participants are given free play money. For first places the casino gives good wins. He also plays in casinos, which every day give bonuses in the form of several, sometimes a dozen free bets. Sometimes they bring good wins. Slot machines online casino are primarily opportunity for each player to assess their chances, take a closer look at iphone, having decided on the game, you can go to the next level playing for real money.

  6. Haziq

    I sometimes like to spin in free games at IOS, and decided to play for real money in a casino. I put some money, and of course, I lost, but I immediately received a letter in the mail saying that as a new player, I’m put a bonus in the form of 100% of the deposit made. I began to play further, won back my money, and decided to withdraw it in order to stay with my own, but it’s not so simple)) Bonus money needed to be won back. I was lucky as a beginner, won, and sent an application for withdrawal of funds, it was not considered for long. The next day they wrote to me from the casino and congratulated me on the win. I put the money on the card.

  7. Umar

    Once, I decided to play at an online casino on PC. The first thing that came to mind of a casino, there were a lot of advertisements about this casino, and that’s what was left in my memory. I played – I won all the time, and I decided to play for money. Deposit introduced. The money is not big, I’ll lose not so disappointingly. As a result, she raised and lost. In the end, she decided to dial a minimum and withdraw, see if the truth or not. I collected a certain amount and filed an application for withdrawal. Processing within 2 days. They said that they authorized me, and I can withdraw money. Submitted a second application and voila! On the second day of waiting, the money was credited to the account. I never played like that. I will try again. By the way, I read someone’s review about those support, do not agree. A very nice and polite girl called, explained everything, talked about bonuses and promotions. In correspondence, too, 3 operators wrote. Everything is correct and on business.

  8. Mikhail

    A hackneyed and favorite online casino theme. Favorite for losers who merge a deposit in the first hour or two, or even earlier, trying to hit the jackpot with a small deposit. I can say in my small (about 8 months) experience that you can win in online casinos. I’m not saying that I hit the jackpot every day, but at least I’m in the black. My biggest win at the casino was just over $ 1,000 in the bonus game of one famous slot. The company, by the way, is known worldwide for its reliability and a high percentage of return. I won another slot in the bookmaker, also from the company. The most important thing in games is not to succumb to the excitement and attempts to recoup. Everything needs to be done in moderation and wisely. For those who wish to try their luck again, I recommend playing apk slots from the company. The minimum bet on their slots is from $ 1. By the way, it was in the slot that I won the double bonus game.

  9. Aryan

    Fans of online gambling will undoubtedly impress many online casinos. Of course, if you think that in this way you can earn money, then you will be only partially right. Variants, of course, exist, but iron discipline and composure are needed here. It is also necessary to have free funds, and most importantly, a casino, where you can really play without fear, and, accordingly, receive winnings. First, you need to register and check the internal payment service, that is, replenish the balance, and in case of winning, albeit small, try to withdraw funds back. By the way, all sorts of bonuses and offers of supplements to the made deposit, try to avoid these promotions. Also, be sure to pay attention to online support, it must be present. Make transactions preferably only with electronic wallets or terminals, try not to use bank cards. Remember, before the start of the game, decide for yourself how much time you will play and what will be the maximum bet, also set the winning limit. Pay attention to the quality of the offered download games and software.

  10. Khalish

    Well, first of all, if you want to play, read the reviews about the casino, not the reviews on the casino website or where you came from, but the real reviews that people write about the project. I do not recommend gambling to people, that is, if a person loses and wants to win his or her lost amount + still have money on top of it, this is already excited, very often people sell their property like that and there’s nothing good here. Remember, they play and spend time in casinos, and not for the sake of earning, there are no exact strategies, the results are not predictable, take the same roulette, the same number may drop out at least 10 times, and when you bet on this number, another will drop outnumber. If you win a decent amount, immediately withdraw if there is such an opportunity! And do not try to play anymore, you are just lucky today, and tomorrow you will merge all the money and + your own. You can play online casinos, but not for making money.

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